Online Access

The conference will occur in online format.

The access to the sessions is exclusive to participants with an up to date registration.

The access is done thought the button LOGIN in this website.

When accessing to you personal area, you will find the option Sessions in the left side menu.

In the date of the conference you will find all the sessions that will be taking place on each moment. You can enter and leve any session at any time.

The access to each session is automatically established with audio and video, depending on the type of participation. Users that will be presenting a communication, moderate or participate in any way in a session will have the ability to turn on and off the video and audio when entering a session. The rest of the participants enter with visualization mode only.

The questions can be written down on the existing chat in each session (virtual room).

To make sure that everything goes according to plan please pay attention to the following requests:

  • stable internet access
  • microphone and camera
  • we advise the use of headphones or earphone with microphone (not compulsory)
  • use Google Chrome or Firefox

Thank you and Good Congress!

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